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The Cataloging Function Relies On A Set Of Rules That Libraries Around The World Follow With Slight Differences. The Criteria For Cataloging And Classification In Order To Coordinate With Other Libraries Are As Follows:
 Cataloging Tasks:

Cataloging Of Persian And Latin Books Is The Most Prominent And Specialized Task Of This Section, Which Briefly Mentions Its Most Important Tasks: Formulating The Necessary Policy And Instructions For Cataloging And Classifying And Preparing Books, Descriptive And Analytical Cataloging, And Review Task. Control And Organization Of Cataloging Affairs.

  Preparation Tasks:

Part Of The Side And Semi-Professional Activities Of The Cataloging Section Is Related To The Process Of Preparing Books Or Preparation, Which Is Briefly Described In The Description Of Its Tasks: Pasting The Book Pocket, Stamping, Pasting The Guide Sign On The Turning Of The Book

Tasks Related To Buying And Receiving Books: 

Due To The Lack Of An Independent Ordering Section In The Central Library, The Cataloging And Preparation Section Participates In Purchasing And Ordering Tasks Related To Receiving The Book, Such As Checking The Appearance Of The Book To Ensure Its Sound, And Matching The Invoice With The Received Books.

 Preparation And Distribution Of Books Required By Libraries Of Affiliated Centers 

Allameh Baladi Central Library Includes 4 Satellite Libraries. Due To The Fact That Cataloging In The Central Library Is Done Centrally, After Purchasing Books From The Exhibition And Registering, Cataloging And Preparing Books, These Resources Will Be Sent To The Relevant Libraries.


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